About Us

The Little Paws staff is comprised of people from all walks  of life, and all ages.  The one thing we all have in common is our mutual love and respect for all animals. We especially love dogs. You can rest assured  that your small, furry family members will be treated with the utmost care!

Our past experience  combined range from shrimp boat captain, kennel owner, computer geek, Maltese  breeder, groomers, bathers, garden specialist to kennel-help, and more. There is a plethora of different experiences  and talents that come to us, but the common theme is that we all just love dogs  and cats, and have a passion for taking care of them in some way!

Little Paws was established in 2007, we understand your animal is a part of  your family! Our goal is to pamper, love and treat your little one the way that  only a true animal lover (and owner) could understand. Our goal is to treat  your pet like our own…..like family!


20170905_162142 20170905_162203 This is Snowflake, our shop cockatiel!


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We Appreciate our Staff!